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Friday, September 29, 2006

To Smoke or Not To Smoke, that is the question!

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Here I go again :) I'll be taking several approaches, best friend support, hopefully family support, co-worker support, online support. I'm going to be using a program that is online through the american lung association and it requires you to put certain things in writing, so I'll use this area to put those thoughts down :) It suggests that you start the program three weeks prior to your quit date, however, I've set my date as october 1st and I'm not going to put it back more, I'll just have to cover a lot of ground quickly.

Compare your two choices (To Smoke or Not To Smoke) in writing.
To Smoke: something I like doing
Not To Smoke: Many many reasons. I chose Oct. 1 as my quit date about a month ago so I've had time to mentally prepare for it. I had a revelation today while at work that has helped make my resolve to kick this thing. I was talking to one of my patients, who has copd as a result of smoking. He is a great person, but he is dying. It is a struggle for him to take each breath and it is difficult for him to talk now. He has declined very rapidly in the past month and it has been difficult to watch. He is a very spirited person and love to laugh and joke around, but he has a problem doing even that now. It's hard to see. Anyways, today while I was with him it hit me that if I don't quit my kids and those who I am close to (Teresa) and my family, will have to suffer because of the choices I've made. Although I have been planning on quitting, that hit home for me. I also think about Teresa's mother and the fact the she died because of smoking and I see what Teresa has had to go through at a time when it shouldn't have happened for at least ten or more years, or close.
So to sum it up into a few words, Iim quitting to live for myself and everyone I care about will benefit as much as I will!

Day Two

My first twenty four hours were not really that difficult, which it's odd, I'll admit. I sincerely believe that my mind and heart is where is had to be in order to over come my addiction to smoking. I quit smoking Saturday night at 10:35. I had thought I would stay up and smoke all of the cigarettes I had left, but I quit with seven left... amazing :) I went to bed, not wishing I had smoking another one. I knew that technically I could have because it wasn't 10/1 yet, but I just didn't want to. I woke up Sunday morning, not dying because I couldn't smoke, but calm as I put my patch on. Before putting the patch on it did cross my mind that I could smoke "one more" BUT I didn't because of the clock I had made the night before and I would have to take away almost twelve hours. I know that the patch has made this a lot easier for me. I believe that I MIGHT could have done it with out it, because I'm set on quitting, but I'm thankful I have it, it's took the bad mood out of quitting. I went to bed last night feeling good that I had made it twenty four hours, smoke free. I actually think that I slept better last night because I hadn't been smoking yesterday evening and didn't have all those stimulants inside of my body. I know I have the nictotine but not all that other horrible stuff that I was putting in my body. I feel healthier, although I know its not happening that fast. This morning, same thing, got up, feeling good I was smoke free. I knew the 7 I have left were still there but didn't even consider smoking them. Today at work went well, Kelley wasn't smoking - she quit too - We were able to eat slower at lunch because we didn't have to rush so we'd have time to smoke. After we ate we walked for about ten minutes. It was a nice break. At another break we went walking again, so I feel good that I've quit smoking and getting a little bit of exercise in it's place :) There were a few times today that I had a bad feeling like I wanted to smoke, but it wasn't over whelming and at no point today did I feel that I might smoke........... I've got it under control at this point :) SPIRIT FINGERS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I do have to tell about Teresa hanging up on Brown Univeristy. I signed up to be in a federally funded study group that Brown University is facilitating regarding people who are quitting smoking. They called my cell phone and Teresa answered because I thought it was a telemarketer. She said "no she is not available and do not call back again". She hung up and said "that was Brown University". LOL. It didn't click with her even though she knew Brown University was going to call :) It worked out because I called the number back from caller i.d. and did the interview...... Just funny :)

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Right Angle Update

So lives the free spirits of two who are and will always been best friends, the best that could ever possibly be. No longer will those petty and childish whims of a ruler who uses her position and power to dominiate and oppress those who are not in line with her views and opinions. No longer will travel out of town be necessary to hang out. No longer does it matter that the little pions of the power hungry ruler stive to scatter to her like rats looking for a crumb in order to tell her a tid bit of information as to where the friends have been spotted.. Never again will the task of going to lunch together require perfectly timed exits out differnt doors to get into a car parked beside a van, out of site!

Leah Got a New JOB!!! Spirit Fingers!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Words Banished from our Vocabulary!

On the heels of Lake Superior State University releasing its famous "List of Words and Phrases Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness.”, we have decided to start compiling our own list of words. There are many that we are always saying that we do not care for, so why not start our own list?

Any suggestions will be added to the list :)

1. Tender - "Ouch! That spot is tender."

2. Yum - "Yum! That looks good"

4. exquisite - "Those shoes are exquisite!"

5. rutabaga -
6. delicious - "Those rutabaga's are delicious!"

7. clandestine - "The crafts she made for the 411 yard sale were made in a clandestine lab."

8. I'm Stoked - "That was so much fun, I'm stoked!"

9. Snappy - "Don't get snappy with me"

10. ostentatious - "What is up with that ostentatious font?"

11. pamper(ed) - "You need to be pampered."

12. spoil(ed) - "Let me spoil you."

13. dolled up - "What'd ya get all dolled up for honey?"

14. HOT OR NOT - "Is that tomato soup hot or not? Mom *this was contributed by Leah's mother - funny huh?

Monday, December 19, 2005


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Message For Leah

Personal Message from Teresa to my BPF, Leah. I am so proud of our BLOG. I am looking forward to adding to it. I know we can be creative and by working together we will make it interesting.

I decided to add a pic that really has no relevance to the above entry, but it does mean a lot to us (shooting star?).

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Right Angles Posted by Picasa Don't Mess With Texas!

Introducing the Right Angles

Hello- From Leah and Teresa. This is our first post and experience with developing our Blog. The purpose of this blog is to share our wonderful sense of humor and clever ideas/ thoughts on life with the rest of the world.